Marty Scott
When my brother asked me to be his best man a few weeks before his wedding, I was ready… but my wardrobe was not. The ill-fitting boxy suit that had gotten me through my 20's was not going to cut it. Without much knowledge and pressed for time, I luckily found Daniel George.

Relying solely on Daniel’s friendly expertise, I was able to achieve a look that was both classic and personalized. Each piece is artfully crafted and boasts a purposeful, stylish and elegant custom fit. With scores of traditional and modern colors and patterns, as well as an impeccable fit, the common dress shirt too has been elevated into the dynamic garment it always should have been.

Whether you need the right suit for a big occasion, or your wardrobe needs an overhaul, Daniel George will ensure you're looking your absolute best without sacrificing your own style.
Dr.'s Ed & Julie Lewis
Like myself, my husband has always had a superb eye for quality. We were on a flight from Nashville to Chicago when we met a gentleman who was wearing a beautiful, well-made sports coat. We were drawn to him and paid a compliment. The stranger wasted no time singing Daniel George’s praises. The following day, we called Daniel and made an appointment with him.

The experience is truly exceptional! From his customer care to the quality of his garments, we could not be more pleased. Ed has replaced most of his Brioni suits and sports coats with Daniel George garments. I’ve never seen him look better or happier, dressed up!
Matthew K. Coiley
I had a destination wedding and wanted to look great. I know all eyes are usually on the bride and how amazing she looks, but my goal was to at least get a couple of compliments here and there. After allowing Daniel to make my suit, shirt and tie and pocket square, I literally got a standing ovation!

Daniel designed my suit based off of what would look best on me; my height, weight, stature, skin color, etc. He paid close attention even to the most intricate details that most people wouldn’t even consider or notice. Every detail from my shoes to my watch, to the way I tied my tie, Daniel had a hand in. The compliments where endless on everything I had on and it’s all thanks to Daniel.

Daniel George truly embodies what you get when remarkable value meets remarkable customer service. My experience from start to finish was nothing short of amazing. I’m truly blessed to have met Daniel.

Thank you Daniel for everything you’ve done. You played such a major role in one of the most important times in my life. You went so far above and beyond what was required of you to help make my wedding amazing, and for that I’m truly grateful.
Marty Scott
Marty has returned to improve his "after 6" wardrobe with a versatile sports jacket and some patterned shirts... nothing too formal about this order... "I just want to look more like an adult and to be taken seriously, the compliments flow freely and the girlfriend likes the update!"

Featured in: Modern Luxury Men's Book Chicago Modern Luxury CS Where GUESTBOOK Chicago Where Magazine

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