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No more baggy shirts, sloppy shirt tails and so-called "slim fit". We'll provide you with custom made dress shirts designed and tailored for your individual frame. Your dress shirt should be both comfortable and outstanding in appearance. We understand the marriage of that comfort and fit.

Choose from hundreds of fine fabrics in solids and patterns, many of which you may not have imagined. Our fabrics are sourced from the highest quality mills from around the world and we regularly add new ones to give you fresh looks throughout the year. But don't worry, our regulars are available much longer.

Custom Dress Shirts Package Special - Buy 7 shirts, Get 2 FREE
Buy seven shirts and receive two complimentary shirts (total 9 shirts)

One of the most important aspects of the dress shirt is the collar. We think of your face as a portrait and your shirt collar as its frame. We devote five of our fourteen measurements to the collar alone.

The shirts are tailored for a sleek line that compliments your custom suit or even just a pair of jeans, and helps you look extra sharp without a second thought. A custom tailored shirt is also a great addition to a modern layered look, as well as a reliable go-to for your nine-to-five.

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Daniel George

Never underestimate the power of what you wear. Afterall, there is just a small bit of you sticking out at the collar and cuff. The rest of what the world sees is what you drape on your frame. Oscar Schoeffler, Longtime fashion editor of Esquire

The Revolution Hand-Made Collection

Featuring the fabrics of THOMAS MASON

England, 1792 – The first boats arrived in Leeds, the Yorkshire textile hub, loaded with cotton from the West Indies.

1796 – Sir Thomas Mason founded one of the 1st cotton fabric factories in Leeds for shirts. The fabrics, which were premium quality, even then, were used by West End London tailors for the aristocracy and rich upper class and were later exported all over the British Empire.

1936 – The Prince of Wales comes to the throne but after only a few months, abdicates for the love of Wallis Simpson. Nominated Duke of Windsor, he impersonates the role of referee of the most elegant and aristocratic style between the 2 world wars. It was then that Thomas Mason became the exclusive supplier for Turnbull & Asser, the shirt-maker for the Duke of Windsor and of English Royalty.

Today, the brand is owned and operated by the Albini family of Bergamo, Italy. They still maintain their two century long history and tradition consisting of a heritage of seven hundred fabric volumes which house the designs of historical relevance and incomparable taste.

Daniel George is proud to offer Thomas Mason, the world’s finest, shirt fabric collection.

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To achieve the popular, Neapolitan silhouette, much importance lies within the architecture of the dress shirt.

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